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News, results and more.


The situation regarding the ussues between the UMB and the PBA           










Two old movies starring Hendrik Robijns:                                                                                                                                                                                                              Video 1  /  Video 2

Clinic by Raymond Ceulemans and Ludo Dielis:                                                                                                                         Clinic

USBA news                                                                                                                                                                                         News

Kozoom agenda                                                                                                                                                                                Agenda

Ranking after the first Dutch 3C Gr

and Prix






Cheonju World Cup 3C 2017 




Dutch leaque, Frans van Kuyk ends his game with a run of 25!







Website of Dirk Acx, more then 92.000 billiard photos online                                                                                                Billiardsphoto.com

If you like great billiard photos you need to visit his site 


Lausanne Masters 2017




Dutch National 3C championship (my employer EP: as a sub sponsor)










Good news for al international three cushion players:

CAIRO - The prizes and primes in the world championships three cushion and the World Cups will be doubled next year as of January 1, 2018. That was announced by Mr. Farouk Barki, president of the UMB (world federation) yesterday. In addition, the organizers will be supported financially by the UMB and for the first time in history, there is prize money for the ladies world championship. The winner will be rewarded 2000 euros. The winner of the world championship for men will now receive 20.000 euros (before 10.000). The World Cup winners receive 16.000 euros (before 8.000).

The total prize money for World Cup is now 106.500 euros. The total prize money for the individual world championship is 118.000 euros. From now on, the UMB will financially support the organizers as a result of the contract with Kozoom. The world championship organization will receive 83.000 euros from the UMB as a support for the prize money: 37.000 goes to the organization, 46.000 euros to the players on the podium, the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Furthermore, 30.000 euros will be payed directly to the organization.

The organization of a World Cup receives 71.500 for prize money, divided into 33.500 for the organization and 38.000 euros for the players of the podium. The organization also receives 30.000 euros from the UMB as a contribution for the total costs. 


Sunday 21st January, a truly memorable day in Three Cushion. 

This day Dick Jaspers pulverized the old world record and set a new magical record of 40 points in only 4 innings. A stunning average of 10,00


When and who will ever beat this one as the old record was set in 2006 and kept standing for 12 years. 




Trophy of the Legends


From the 16th until the 24th of June 2018 there will a great event featuring the three cushion players (over 65 years of age) from the golden age of billiards.

Town: Eeklo / country: Belgium

Preliminaries starting on June 16th

Wildcards reserved for the following players:

  • Raymond Ceulemans
  • Ludo Dielis
  • Nobuaki Kobayashi
  • Richard Bitalis
  • Rini van Bracht
  • José Maria Quetglas
  • Hans Jurgen Kuhl
  • Poul Bjerring

 Because of health issues Nobuaki Kobayashi is replaced by Paul Stroobants.


World Cup Billiards back to Belgium 


Great news for all 3C billiard fans in Belgium, the World Cup will be back in Belgium, Blankenberge to be precise.

11th till 17th June 2018






World Cup Billiards back for three years to the Netherlands 


Outstanding news, the World Cup 3 Cushion will return to the Netherlands for a period of three years. 

Location for 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be "De Blauwe Kei" Veghel.

According to the organization, there will a venue that has over 600 places.

A truly great achievement by "Stichting Biljartevementen Nederland"

More information will follow.


 World Cup 3C Blankenberge Belgium won by Dick Jaspers 


In a very exciting final, Dick Jaspers has won the World Cup 3C tournament in Blankenberge Belgium beating Semih Sayginer from Turkey.

Sayginer on the way back after some years of absence in tournaments like these played great during this tournament.

Only being stopped by Dick Jaspers in the final who reached a great 2.353 average and 2.061 in general.  

After an according to himself lesser period this win really did good and moved him back in the UMB top 5.


Coming up.....The McCreerey 3-cushion tournament 


August 05 till 11   2018  the most lucrative 3-cushion tournament ever.

Winner takes $ 150.000 

Poster designed by Dirk Acx


A good and well deserved 3rd place.





After a week of great matches Dick Jaspers won his 4th World title in 3 Cushion in Cairo.

He played an exceptional tournament, won all of his 7 matches, played a world record average of 2.353 and had a high run of 12.


A magnificent result by an exceptional player.







 Dutch 3 Cushion Masters 2019 


Tournament held from January 10th until January 13th in Berlicum in The Netherlands

After a (difficult) but well played tournament Dick Jaspers managed to win his 20th !! Masters title in 3 Cushion

Tournament average of exactly 2.00


Not all matches where as easy as it seemed and in the final, a well playing, Jean van Erp definitely had the chance to win.

A run of 7 took Dick to the finish line leaving Jean 5 points in the equalizing inning.

He made three points and number 39 was just missed by an inch so Dick secured his 20th title, after his 3rd place in the 1987-1988 edition a truly magnificent achievement.

Good to hear he's hungry for more title's so there will be more to look forward to in the coming future from the best 3 Cushion player The Netherlands has and most likely ever will have.