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Here I would like to share with you some moments or events that happened to me from the moment on that carom billiards started to play a big role in my life. These moments are not in chronological order but more as they come to mind.


In loving memory of my parents who supported me in building this collection as they understood that carom billiards is a huge part of my life.



It has taken some time but finally Mike has taken an interest.  



But the biggest question remains, will he get bitten completely by the billiard bug?

It's up to him but I really hope he would carry on with  what I have started.








2019 re-design of "the great wall" after acquiring some wonderful new objects 


Some new lithographs, the big framed painting on the right, a pencil drawing by Werner Bayer and many more.












The first moment is one of thanks and gratitude to especially both my parents,   who are unfortunately nog longer with us, and my wife for making my passion and collecting possible.

Who could imagine that from the first time my father showed me how to play carom billiards (16) it would evolve to what it is at this moment.



Without their support, this never would have been possible.

The table I have was given to me by my parents.






Several years ago I worked for a company called Miele and every other year at the end of that year they organized a big party where partners were also invited.

That year (1994) my wife accompanied me for the first time.

 As soon as we entered the room a colleague told me that Raymond Ceulemans was there playing billiards. The first two I didn’t believe but after an hour or two, a third one mentioned it again to me and I decided to check it out. I asked my wife if she could hang out with some colleagues and I wouldn’t be away long.

Well, Ceulemans was there and we played together for a long time. And to make a long story short, the first time I did see my wife again was about an hour and a half before the party ended.

For those who want to know, yes we are still together.



Together with Dick Jaspers after handing him a 65-inch smart TV my employer sponsored.

During the 2019 Dutch Three Cushion Masters Dick won his 18th Master title 3C and his 19th 3C title in total

He averaged over 2.1 during this tournament, outclassing all of his opponents.

March 20th this year (2018) I had the pleasure of (on request by Dick) installing the TV at his house and afterward I had an even greater pleasure of receiving some valuable three cushion pointers.

We spent more than two hours at the table and I had a marvelous time, it's not every day you get the chance to play billiards with one of the best players in the world.





My new logo as of May 2018







To be used in any future carombilliards.eu communication and hopefully this will make my website more recognizable. 



2018 billiard room re-designed. 


I am always on the look out for items that make my billiard room more complete and have it look more as a whole.

This time I changed some carpets for Persian rugs giving it a more time period correct feel.

Of course there are plenty of people who are having astonishing modern styled billiard rooms, great if that's what you prefer.

My room is more historically based, or at least that is what I'm trying to achieve.



New businesscard


To create more awareness about my site      









Trophy of the Legends 2018


Meeting my two Legends 


Raymond Ceulemans and Ludo Dielis












BWA – Billiards Worldcup Association


There are numerous abbreviations used in today’s billiard environment. Most probably the ones that come to mind are your local club or national federation. Worldwide the two most familiar ones are the UMB and CEB, the World and European billiard federations.

There, at least to me, is only one abbreviation in all of billiards that is closest to my heart, the BWA. 

The BWA, or Billiards Worldcup Association, founded in 1985 must be seen as the organisation that put three-cushion billiards on the map. All of yesterdays and todays professional three-cushion players are owing a lot to the BWA, as all outstandingly organised tournaments (like Blankenberge by Kurt Ceulemans, the McCreery tournament in New York and the current World Cup edition in Seoul) have originated out of what the BWA started.

Some time ago I talked with Bert van Manen about writing a piece about the history of the BWA, Bert mentioned, quite right by the way, that the overall history has more negative than positive sides to it. For me the BWA mentions a lot as they professionalized three-cushion billiards by contracting great players, creating a earning model, organise the well-known “World Cup Tournaments” and they found and excellent way to market themselves.

 As a collector you’re always on the lookout for interesting item, BWA items however are not easily found. The few I have (tie, lighter and business card holder) proved that over the years.

During my discussion with Bert (Bert van Manen) I mentioned to him that whenever the chance would occur I would love to have an BWA badge. The ones who were worn by the players on their jacket.

Bert told me he had one and offered kindly to send me one together with some other items. 



After I opened the package he sent me I was extremely surprised and happy with the items he had sent to me. Label pins, 29 pictures of contract players, some decals and the so much desired badge.

A big thank you to Bert for sending me the BWA (and other great) items to add to my collection.

Hopefully I will find more BWA items to add but as mentioned before, they are hard to find.




Masters 2019


Sometimes things you are hoping for all come together in one specific time or moment, doesn't happen a lot but when is does it's pretty good. 

Just take this year's Dutch National Championship 3 Cushion, or as we call it here the "Masters".   You have a player you're rooting for, people you see who you would like to meet or just meet someone you didn't expect to meet.


To start with the player I was rooting for.....Dick Jaspers.  


Did he became champion?  Yes, luckily he did, again proving to be the best player we have

But it wasn't an easy final against Jean van Erp, who played well and won all of his matches until the final. Just coming short of two points by losing 40-38 to Dick.

The final had all the ingredients you want in a three cushion game, both offence as defence, luck and bad luck, amazing points and amazing misses.

At the end the best won with a tournament average of 2.00.


During the days I had the privilege to speak with two persons who are a real treasure-trove of billiards history.

I never had the opportunity to speak to them before but I'm really glad I had the chance to do so now,  Christ van der Smissen and Wil Jansen.


Dick, congratulations on your hard-won new title.


Christ van der Smissen 


Former carom billiards player with seriously good results in the past.

EC 47/2 1976 and 1977 3rd place

EC 47/1 1977 2nd and 1978 3rd place

EC 71/2 1982 1st place

3C three times Dutch champion 1978, 1980 and 1986

And many more other results.


Christ, thanks a lot for the time we spent and sharing your experiences. 


Wil Jansen 


At the age of 70 Wil Jansen was the oldest player of this year's Masters, a truly excellent achievement reaching the finale 16 players who were allowed to play in this tournament.   Hats off to him.

At the moment Wil is still an active player, playing for team Het Caves with none other than Raymond Ceulemans.

Rarely I have seen someone enjoying himself so much as Wil Jansen did and it really didn't bother him finishing last at place 16. His average of 0.791 on a match-table by the way is still higher than mine will ever be I think.


At the end of the tournament, in the evening after the final, we met each other and I'm very glad we did.

The stories you shared about billiards where absolutely beautiful and well worth a couple of books.

An invitation to come and see the first (and more) following match of Het Caves was gladly accepted.


Wil, thanks a lot for the time spent, the wonderful stories and the invite to come to Het Caves.



I always will have fond memories about the time this picture was taken 


This picture was taken on May 3rd 1992 when we received the trophy for the league win with our team.

Four matches before the end we already were so far ahead that other teams could not pass us anymore.


My dad is the second one from the left (I'm on his right) 




Masters 2020


This years Masters was again won by Dick Jaspers who played absolutely great during the group phase.

The quarter final also went as planned but both semifinal and final turned out to be difficult, more innings than usual but at the end there's only one thing that counts.....winning.


Dick has won his 20th Masters title (21 in total) exactly 30 years after winning his first title in Groningen 1990.


Well done and let's go for the next one.





Article by Frits Bakker























Describing my huge interest in the history of the BWA
























1st sponsored price (65" tv) winner Dick Jaspers 
















New business card (updated with the BWA archiv)