Sales conditions:

For all sales, the following applies:

All shipping/postage to be paid by the buyer.

  • For actual rates (in Dutch) please see: https://www.postnl.nl/tarieven/tarieven-pakketten/?country=nl
  • Shipping will follow within 3 working days after receipt of payment and shipping details.
  • Please note that registered shipping will increase standard costs
  • Preferred payment methods: PayPal (5% additional fee required) or wire transfer via bank.

When you would like to sell me a book:

For all Carom Billiard related items you would like to sell to me (or trade) I would like to receive the following information:

Title / description of the item

  • Author if applicable
  • Printed if applicable
  • Edition if applicable
  • Condition
  • Asking price
  • Picture

When you require an estimation:
  • Estimations are based on a 30+ year experience as a collector and no rights can be derived from the information provided.
  • Depending on the expected time and effort a fee can be required, to be paid in advance.
  • Information needed is similar to when you are offering me an item.

Rules and Regulations

Carombilliards.eu uses own material, as well as information that is published and/or made available on the internet. Carombilliards.eu is solely based on making carom billiards more known and promoting the sport as much as possible. Carombilliards.eu can not be held accountable for use of any material found on the internet. Carombilliards.eu will remove any information in case the owner has problems with placing on this site. All sale items are property of Carombilliards.eu and are not owned by third parties.

My wants:

Items related to the BWA periode, pictures, programs, documents, posters etc. I really appreciate all items donated to the BWA Archive.

I am always interested in the following items:

  • Books
  • Postcards
  • Stamps
  • Personalized memorabilia

But should you have anything else and not mentioned above, no problem just send me the requested information.

My special wants:

I am especially looking for Carom books from the early 1900’s and before, for example:

  • Theorie en praktijk van de Biljart, eene Onmisbare Handleiding voor Liefhebbers en Biljarthouders. By A. van der Mast, 1849, 131 pages
  • De bekwame Biljartspeler” door G. Theodorus Bom. Publised by P. Kluitman 1850 and 1863, 150 pages
  • Le problème du jeu de billard by P.M. Scheluchin. Published by Ch. Zoellner, Genève, Switserland


Jacqueline de Jong


Jacqueline de Jong